Heiner HIDING OUT at Kensinton Park


This Sat. April 5th. Mike took this uncannily aligned photo of the view Heiner was painting. Paul, says:”Where’s Waldo?”  Great share Mike.

We also enjoyed the morning with our newest member John. His second time Plein Airing went well. Keep coming back John so you can be the “New Guy” now. Later all. Bruce.

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1 Response to Heiner HIDING OUT at Kensinton Park

  1. My first experience with this group was rewarding in both learning and socializing aspects. The session at Baker’s afterward was another opportunity to survey the body of work we had done that morning and to have good conversation. Many thanks for the warm welcome (even though it was a bit on the wintry side)! Thanks for the hand-warmers and tips from everyone– Heiner, Bruce, Rusty, Paul, and Mike!

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