Upcoming Plein Air Event- “Art on the River” – July 19th

Leah Ohmer
Executive Director
Huron Valley Council for the Arts
205 W. Livingston Rd.
Highland, MI. 48357
The Plein Aire artists have been on hand painting each year and I know we would enjoy having them back again this year. The festival is on July 19 from 11am-7pm and I would love it if the group could come and paint during that time. In addition if they are interested we would extend the group a double space to display and sell work in. You would have to bring the tents but we would waive the $85 fee for each space. This has been a wonderful selling event for many of the artists and we think it would be a great event for your group as well.
In addition below in blue is the info that went out to all artists about being a part of the Artist Market during the Festival. It will give you some additional information on the event including answers to frequently asked questions. It will also have the link for the application should any of your group want to have an entire booth on their own (however they would have to pay for an individual space if they choose this path).  
We know you are talented, high quality artists and fine crafters and we wanted to make sure you were aware of our summer Artist Market that is the focal point of the Art on the River Festival in Commerce Township. This is the 3rd year for this event and we continue to draw large crowds that are perfect for artists to sell to, in fact we had over 2000 people in attendance last year.
The success of this event has been so profound that we are moving to a new LARGER location in Dodge Park V off east commerce Rd. The day is dedicated to the arts with not only talented artists and fine crafters, but also live music, theater performances, storytelling, kids crafts and more.
This event has been wonderful for many of the artists involved and WE WANT YOU to consider being a part of the event! Below is the poster for the event and here is the link to submit your work: http://www.huronvalleyarts.org/1/257/artist_opportunities.asp
We hope you will consider being a part of this incredible event and look forward to the opportunity to work with each of you once again.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the date of the event?
After talking to many artists across Michigan we decided to keep this event a ONE DAY event. This year it is on JULY 19th from11am-7pm.
How much for a booth and what size?
Booths are ONLY $65 each with a $20 jury fee. All spaces are standard 10’x10’
I don’t have a tent of my own can I still participate?
YES! We have a big top tent for those artists that do not have their own tent for outdoor events. Again the size of each space is 10’x10’ and the price is ONLY $85 with a $20 jury fee.
Is there electricity on site?
Since this is a beautiful park setting we DO NOT have electricity for the event. However this is again a one day event and all activities happen during daylight hours.
How many people attend?
Last year we had 2000 people visit the market, DOUBLE the amount of our first year. This year we are doing even more advertising and social media so we expect to hit the 3000-4000 mark!
Is there on-site vendor parking? Food?
Yes, there is a huge number of onsite parking spaces at our new home for visitors AND ARTISTS in Dodge Park V and we will also have choices of gourmet food truck vendors on hand for guests and artists alike to enjoy!
Leah Ohmer
Executive Director
Huron Valley Council for the Arts
205 W. Livingston Rd.
Highland, MI. 48357
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