New Members! Cornelius vanSpronsen & Elaine Dobrowolski

Please join me in welcoming our  two newest members Cornelius vanSpronsen, from Canton, and Elaine Dobrowolski from Gaines

Cornelius   was born in 1946 in the Netherlands and came to the US when he was 12. He has been painting since he was 12 and have recently started painting plein air. He will be painting at the “Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival” from August 11-16.

Elaine works in oil and acrylics. When her auto plant closed in 2007 she decided it was time to turn a new chapter and learn the fundamentals of the arts. In 2010 she spent time at the Flint Institute of the Art and pursued painting, drawing, life drawing and plein air classes as well as workshops.

Stay tuned for some examples of paintings from both Cornelius and Elaine. On behalf of all the Michigan Plein Air Painters, welcome aboard!


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1 Response to New Members! Cornelius vanSpronsen & Elaine Dobrowolski

  1. Lily LaFollette says:

    Welcome to Elaine and Cornelius. Always nice to have more artists in the group!

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