New Member John Nagridge!

john nagridge placard

Welcome to our newest member John Nagridge from Royal Oak. Please be sure to check out his website at Here’s an example of one of his works!

kilmanagh nagridge

48″ x 24 ”

Like the pumpkin painting, this was done especially for my wife to hang in the front room. my goal is to have a 48″ x 24″ painting for each of the 4 seasons. So far I have fall and winter taken care of.

Kilmanagh is a small town in the thumb of Michigan’s lower peninsula. We always pass it on the way to my in-law’s getaway in Caseville. The large gray building on the left is abandoned and noteworthy because of the very cool old Shell gas pump in front of it. The building is a favorite subject of mine. I’ve painted it a couple times more — once on the spot and a third in my studio.

john nagridge paintings

Some biographical information…


  • Green Brain Comics, Dearborn, MI. October–December, 2011
    Fantastic Four 50th Anniversary Group Exhibit. Exhibited digital art.
  • 2739 Edwin Gallery, Hamtramck, MI. March, 2010
    Ron Hayward: Remembered in Art. Exhibited pen & ink drawing.
  • Cafe 1923 , Hamtramck, MI. 2007
    Exquisite Corpse. Exhibited micropoint.
  • Cafe 1923 , Hamtramck, MI. March–April, 2007
    First Annual Hatch Show. Exhibited linocut and woodcut.
  • Friends of Modern Art Studio Tour, Hamtramck, MI. May, 1996.
    Exhibited works in my studio.
  • Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. October, 1995.
    Ukrainian Mythology, Folklore & Legend. Exhibited color linocut and micropoint painting.
  • Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI. October, 1992.
    Micropointillism ‘92. Exhibited micropoint paintings.
  • Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI. December, 1991.
    Associates Show. Exhibited micropoint and oil paintings.
  • Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. April–May, 1991.
    Chornobyl – 5 Years After. Exhibited woodcut.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI. March–May, 1991
    OMAP show, A Decade of Michigan Printmaking. Exhibited woodcut..
  • Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI. December, 1990.
    Associates Show. Exhibited micropoint painting.
  • Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. June, 1990.
    21 Ukrainian Artists. Exhibited micropoint paintings.
  • Chaika Gallery, Warren, MI. 1990–1991.
    Exhibited woodcuts and micropoint paintings.
  • Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI. January, 1990.
    16 Years of Life Drawing. Exhibited brush & ink drawings.
  • Trobar Gallery, Detroit, MI. December, 1988.
    Exhibited woodcuts in two person show.
  • Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI. October, 1988.
    Micropointillism. Exhibited micropoint paintings.
  • Alma College, Alma, MI. 1987-1988.
    Alma College Statewide Print Competition. Exhibited woodcut in show travelling to seven Michigan universities.
  • Michigan Gallery, Detroit, MI. December, 1987.
    Associates Show. Exhibited brush and ink drawing.
  • Scarab Club, Detroit, MI. 1987.
    Annual Print Show. Exhibited woodcut.
  • Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, MI. December, 1986.
    Annual Juried Winter Show. Exhibited woodcut.
  • Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, MI. June, 1986.
    Annual Juried Summer Show. Exhibited intaglio.


David Groff Purchase Award. Alma College Statewide Print Competition, Alma, MI. October, 1987.


  • Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.
    Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking and Drawing. 1983-1988.
  • Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI. 1982-1983.
  • Macomb Community College, Warren, MI.
    Associates in General Education, 1979-1982.


Interview I did for

Contact Me

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3 Responses to New Member John Nagridge!

  1. Wow, thanks for the warm welcome! I enjoy plain air painting, but have always done it alone. I’m looking very forward to painting alongside this extremely talented bunch. I expect it will be very informative and inspirational. I’ve done plain air painting only in acrylic and I’m eager to try oils outdoors (I’ve only worked in oils inside).

  2. Come on out! We paint every Saturday at or near Kensington Metro Park. We meet at the Nature Center around 8am!

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