Elaine Dobrowolski

My name is Elaine Dobrowolski (Lainie), a Michigan artist, working in oil and acrylic pelaine debrowolski portraitaints.

Previous to October 2010 my personal endeavors revolved around raising my family and making a living working in the auto industry.

In May of 2007 my plant closed and that was the end of my career in the auto industry. I realized it was time to turn the page and begin a new chaper in the search for a fulfilling path for the future. I asked myself, “What better time to pursue knowledge of and learn the fundamentals of the arts?”

Well, that’s what I did…in 2010 I took myself over to the Flint Institute of Art in Flint, Michigan and begain a new adventure which ultimately opened up a whole new world for me.  For 2 1/2 years my oil painting, drawing, life drawing and plein air classes, and workshops were my focus.

Initially, I didn’t realize how my endeavors in the arts would enable me to see, feel, and experience life and its many nuances to such an extent that I find my perception of life and the images around me profoundly enriched. I am driven to put these images as I fell and see them on canvas for others to enjoy. I think that my biggest thrill is to know that something I have created generates interest, inspiration, emotion or a positive reaction!

I feel creativity is limitless and my drive to create is ongoing and evolving.

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