Lily LaFollette

Lily LaFollette

Lily LaFollette

     Lily LaFollette has studied with many national and internationally known artists and began developing her art seriously in 1998 from her rural studio in Fowlerville. Over the years, Lily has embraced creativity in various forms of media; however it wasn’t until she explored painting that she found her true passion.  She prefers to work mainly in oils, enjoying the lengthy open time of the medium. 

Painting “en Plein Air” (French for in the open air) allows her to forego the more obvious theatre of atmosphere to explore the emotional experience.  Compressing an unwieldy theatre of perception into a pigment interpretation within the confines of a canvas is a daunting process that lends credence to her studio work.  Discovering new places creates excitement and stimulates her imagination, allowing her to explore a feeling or mood in her paintings while observing the reality. The colors chosen, values selected, and the execution must all lead up to the desired effect. The Plein Air studies from her travels are often incorporated into larger studio pieces, allowing her to expand on a chosen theme.

Lily’s outreach includes the LACASA Garden Tour and Livingston County Meals on Wheels in which her artwork on the “Buy a Card, Give a Meal” fundraiser brought in over $4,000 for meals for the seniors in the program.  

Lily is an award-winning artist and is currently accepting commissioned work.  Memberships include:

Glen Arbor Art Association

Lansing Area Artists’ Connection

Flint Art Museum and School

Shiawassee Art Center

Great Lakes Plein Air Painters

Michigan Plein Air Painters

Mid-Michigan Art Guild

Ann Arbor Women Artists

University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens

More of her artwork is at:

To contact Lily click here for: EMAIL

Lily LaFollette
Michigan Artist
Earthy Visions LLC

Fowlerville, MI

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