Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson

My career began as a watercolor artist. But after several recent
artist-in-residencies in national and state parks with extended stays
in the wilderness, I have a renewed interest in oils. I joined the
Michigan Plein air group to continue my studies with an extraordinary
group of talented local artists. I am constantly on a quest to improve
my personal style in oils, acrylics and watercolor.

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2 Responses to Katherine Larson

  1. Olivia ann Wylie says:

    Still have not received my refund of $150.00. If you do not intend to return my money then please complete the commission on painting of Merlin.

  2. Vicki Halliday says:

    Hi there my name is vicki and I am from England Britain. I have a painting signed by a Kathy Larson and it’s old. It’s a female clown portrait and I think it is around 35 plus years old. My mother had it and she died in 1983 just after I was born and she had it a few years before then. My question and curiosity is if Kathy Larson, assuming I have the right painter painted such a portrait because I can not find it on the Web.

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