Tamera Menard Ovall

tammy portrait april 4

Tamera Menard Ovall

I was born an artist. I have always connected to the world through artistic means.  My medium of choice is oil paint. Having no professional education in art,  I am an observer of the world.  I work with all mediums and I paint every subject there is!  Oil paint is my favorite.  I also love Plein Air Painting (outdoors).   I am currently In six published books, multiple national and International Competitions,  various paint outs, shows, local and National artist groups, portrait groups, and Plein air groups. I paint because I love to paint, it’s a place where time stands still and I am in my own world! One day I plan to set the world on fire!

“Paintings are an artists legacy- Something hand touched so your soul has somewhere to go when you are gone- and when people look at that painting you’re there”.  (Unknown)


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