Robert P. Bergman

Robert P Bergman Grosse Isle

Robert P Bergman Grosse Isle

Mr. Robert P. Bergman’s desire for drawing and painting started as a young boy, apprenticing with his artistic father. Through his never ending guidance and support he learned to enjoy the inner peace that comes from painting. His recent retirement of 40 years working in electronics and engineering at the Ford Motor Company, will now allow him to devote more time to his Art. Mr. Bergman enjoys the time spent painting plein air with his Father, as both are members of the Michigan Plein Air Painters. He has expressed, “Art has always been a very important part of my life, and always will be. I have found there is a true inner peace that comes with connecting with ones feelings, and expressing them artistically.”  “I find that painting Plein Air is a most wonderful way of connecting with the natural beauty that nature holds for all to see. For those who take the time to look it is an endless wonderland of amazements”. It is with deep passion that I hope to capture some of the wonders that are continuously unfolding before all of us.”

His mediums are acrylics and pastels.


Mr. Bergman may be contacted at 313-330-3261


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