Michigan Plein-Air Painters is an organization of artists and friends that enjoy the challenge and pleasure of painting on location in Michigan.

Our goal is to bring artists together to explore and develop the tradition of plein-air painting. We hope to promote an awareness and visual appreciation of Michigan through our art, by sharing with the public our experience through shows and exhibitions throughout the state.

We’ve left the comfort of our studio and have stepped outside. It has been one of the most refreshing and rewarding experiences that continues to be nature’s art lesson.

We have been painting together on and off for over 7 years and have developed many friendships as well. Painting and creating artwork has always been predominately a solitary journey of you the artist, alone in the studio in front of an easel or blank board, attacking or struggling with your creative development and current creation alone. Most of the time is without conversation, critique, opinion, enlightenment and spent working with photos. All of us will continue to do so, but to have the experience of direct painting outdoors with other artists brings all of your senses into play. You are truly interacting with life!
The end of a morning’s painting session leaves you with lessons of how to see color, painting atmosphere, capturing the moment with a successful endeavor, or learning from mistakes that only a few of us make on occasion (ha ha ha). Learning how other artists develop their paintings and helping each other with opinions or supplies.
Some days are more productive than others, and this goes for the professional artists as well as beginners. Whatever skill level your are at, doesn’t mater. If you show up and try, you are on your way, and will be a better artist for it!

Membership of the Michigan Plein Air Painters is FREE, and is structured for the purpose of interaction of ideas and promoting self improvement of each persons art. When shows or exhibits of the organization develop at different times of the year, participating members are encouraged to help with various tasks to make them successful for all.

Membership dues are for artists that choose to have their art displayed on the Gallery Page for $30 per year, which includes you and your art in the website, participation in shows/exhibits, notices and information about upcoming events, and all the free advice you can stand if you want it.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to offer their opinions and ideas for painting locations as well. Meetings are held quarterly or when necessary.

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  1. Sharon Fisher says:

    I am sending you an invite to the Livingston Arts Council’s Spring Plein Air Paint Out on Saturday, May 3. The event begins at the Howell Opera House with check-in from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Registration is $10 per person, which includes continental breakfast and a brown bag lunch to take on the road. Artists can choose their own outdoor location to set up their art supplies or suggestions and a Livingston County map will be provided.
    Artists have most of the day to create their work of art but are asked to return to the Howell Opera House between 3:30 – 4:00 p.m. At that time, all completed art will be framed and hung on the gallery wall for exhibit. The general public is invited to a free reception and viewing of the Plein Air exhibit at 6:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Most of the artwork will be for sale at that time.
    Artists may pre-register by calling 517-540-0065 or on line,

    Hope you can join us!
    Sharon Fisher

  2. Sarah Grusin says:

    Brighton Paint Out on July 9 and 10 coming soon.

    The Brighton Art Guild will host a two-day Paint Out on Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10. We’d love to see more folks from the Kensington Group register. You could sign up at 8 AM and run over to Kensington and still meet up your friends! Brighton area parks are acceptable sites.

    Please share with your plein air friends, paint out groups, and associates. Check our web site for updates, details, registration forms as well as online registration, prizes, and fees. The event is open to all artists, all media. To receive further information, please email or call703 635 4135.

  3. How much cause be a member? I living in Gaylord area 1210 N. Shore Dr. Gaylord Michigan 49735 I like to sit in your one of your meetings one of these days i’m just a beginner for going outside learn to paint I have been taking photographs of the things outside until I paint them when they get back in my studio I know everyone have different style stupid technique

  4. Constance M. McCurdy Preece says:

    I live in Pennsylvania, but would be interested in attending any upcoming workshops scheduled for 2017.

  5. Sarah Grusin says:

    ​Attention All Artists:
    Save the Dates: July 22 and 23
    Livingston Paint Out 2017

    The Brighton Art Guild and the Livingston Arts Council will co-host a two-day Paint Out on Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23. New this year is a greatly expanded territory! You can paint anywhere in Livingston County from our many lakes and country roads to our charming towns with sidewalk bistros and brick storefronts.
    Livingston Paint Out 2017 is a plein air competition in which artists complete a painting(s) outdoors within a specific time period. The event is open to all artists, all ages, all media. (Formerly, the Brighton Art Guild and Livingston Arts Council had separate events.)
    Please share with your art friends, paint out groups, and associates. Check our web sites beginning in April for updates, details, registration forms, prizes, and fees.
    To receive further information, please contact Brighton Art Guild: or 703 635 4135; or Livingston Arts Council, Sharon@howelloperahouse, or517.540.0065.

  6. Judith paris says:

    Interested in Michigan plein air events, thank you!

  7. I would like to become a member and pay dues, but cannot find a form on your site for doing so.
    Terre K Ritchie
    850 Parnell Ave SE
    Ada, MI 49301

  8. Anyway to update my information?

    No longer using

    Now is:

    No longer using

    Now is:

    If you could make those changes I would appreciate it very much.


  9. Susan Chae says:

    I would love to join this group! Do you still meet on Saturdays? I am a self-taught beginner and am currently taking a class at Paint Creek Center for the Arts. I am very interested in plein air.

  10. Dixie Olin says:

    I would very much like to join this group.

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